Who needs eco consulting?

Mesa Eco Consulting is for anyone looking to live a greener/healthier life.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the state of the environment or within your everyday life but have no idea where to begin in improving the situation?

Do you feel you do not have the time, money or energy to make a positive impact?

Are you or family members suffering from fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression or a disease caused from inflammation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Mesa Eco Consulting would be highly beneficial in helping you feel more connected, empowered and in control of the health and happiness of yourself, your family and our planet.

What you get:

  • Personalized Assessment

  • Custom Eco Lifestyle Program

  • Weekly Support & Accountability Check-in

  • Plastic-Free Promo Products

  • Connection with the Experts

  • Monthly Eco Community Gatherings

  • Product & Service Discounts with Local Eco Affiliates

  • 10% off all Mesa Lifestyle services, events & workshops



life without plastic

One of the biggest yet simplest everyday choices we can make to commit to the Earth’s health and wellbeing is to ELIMINATE SINGLE USE PLASTICS. Click below to purchase so many of the things we rely on plastic for made with alternative materials!

local eco affiliates

There are many companies in our community doing the right thing for our health and our planet. Please make an effort to support these companies. Your dollar is your vote everyday. Conscious consumerism and local economy are big steps in the right direction.

Kind Earth Growers

Hundred Fruit Farm

Kona Composting

Exact Solar

Indigenous Ingenuities

Dragonfly Yoga Studio

Nellie Rae’s Kitchen

Sally Miller Yoga


PRESS + credibility

You may have seen me planting your neighbor’s veggie garden or on the local news. You may have seen me building my tiny house at Delaware Valley University or teaching Community Yoga at Mercer Museum. You may know me as a “Bucks Most Happening Artist” or as your instructor at Bucks County Community College. You may practice paddleboard Yoga with me or perhaps you have never met me because I spend half my time traveling. When I am not in Bucks County doing my part to better our community I am roaming the globe. From mountain tops to permaculture farms and eco-villages I travel for inspiration and education so that I can not only talk the talk of sustainability but more importantly walk the walk. By building an off-grid home to driving an electric vehicle I am committed to being the local guinea pig for eco living so that I can better assist you in your transition to a greener/healthier lifestyle.

“As humans we are not separate from or better than nature, we are one with it. May we return to this humbling truth and move toward an existence of synergy and balance.”