Who needs eco consulting?

• Does the thought that your children/grandchildren will not have clean air, water or soil concern you?
• Do you feel overwhelmed about the state of your environment and ready to acknowledge your participation but don’t know where to begin?
• Do you want to live a healthier, happier, and greener lifestyle?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then Mesa Eco Consulting will be highly beneficial in helping you feel more empowered and connected.

Eco-Consult | $200

• In-home educational consultation with
in-depth questionnaire
Eco-ToGo Kit - A goodie bag of clever
and/or hand made eco friendly
5-step plan to creating a
more Earth Conscious household
• Connections with local sustainability

Eco-home plan | $200-$300

Go deeper with you eco education and allow me to create an individualized Eco-Home Plan based on the information gathered at our consultation.
• Step by step accessible ways to efficiently
reduce waste, conserve resources and
live healthier

Eco In-home Starter Kit - the basics to
begin transitioning your home
2 - Check-Ins for Accountability
& Support
2 - FREE Sustainable Saturday

10% off all Mesa Services for 1-Year

Per Project Consulting

If you are looking for some one-on-one support with a specific project please reach out and we will decide on an hourly rate that fits your budget.


eco affiliates

There are many companies within our community doing the right thing for our health and our planet. Please make an effort to support these companies. Your dollar is your vote everyday. Conscious consumerism and local economy are big steps in the right direction.

Kind Earth Growers

Hundred Fruit Farm

Kona Composting

Exact Solar

Indigenous Ingenuities

Dragonfly Yoga Studio

Nellie Rae’s Kitchen

Sally Miller Yoga


Organnonn’s Natural Market

Bodhi Market

life without

One of the biggest yet simplest everyday choices we can make is to
ELIMINATE SINGLE USE PLASTICS. Click below to begin phasing out plastic with great alternatives.



You may have seen me planting your neighbor’s veggie garden or on the local news. You may have seen me building my tiny house at Delaware Valley University or teaching Community Yoga at Mercer Museum. You may know me as a “Bucks Most Happening Artist” or as your instructor at Bucks County Community College. You may practice Paddleboard Yoga with me or perhaps you have never met me because I spend half my time traveling. When I am not in Bucks County doing my part to better our community I am roaming the globe. From mountain tops to permaculture farms and eco-villages. I travel for inspiration and education, so that I can not only talk the talk of sustainability but more importantly walk the walk. From building an off-grid home to driving an electric vehicle I am committed to being the local guinea pig for eco-living so that I can better assist you in your transition into a greener/healthier future.

“As humans we are not separate from or better than nature, we are one with it. May we return to this humbling truth and move into a future of respect and balance.”