5 Days, 5 Nights, 5 Elements

As I sat on a rigid stone surrounded by sea, tears of joy blowing in the wind, being kissed by the sun, I realized this experience, this practice, this opportunity is changing my life. It is changing me and I will never be the same and it is clear there is no going back. The understanding and freedom I feel is real, true and certain and this is the way I want to continue to live.I have found sanctuary within. This deep immersion into the elements has awakened a dormant wisdom that I believe is inherent in each one of us. I feel more grounded, connected, passionate, easeful and wise than ever before. The Elemental Teachings are so simple yet so very profound. Heading back to the mainland I feel rejuvenated and eager to share what I have learned through a comprehensive and accessible training (being designed as I write). Look out for Elemental Wisdoms Immersion coming soon! It is my purpose, passion and honor to lead you along this journey internally and externally.

LIVE LOVE - mesa