Art is my first love & true refuge.

I create because to not create would feel like death. Creating art makes me feel alive, it brings me joy. It is my expression of life and love. Creativity is an energy that surges through me like swell through the sea. I can not control it, so I simply honor it.

Upcoming workshop

Creative Being
Re-awaken your creativity as we move beyond the stifled energy, exercising and exploring pure creative flow through mediums such as clay, watercolor, alcohol ink.

Dragaonfly Yoga Studio | Doylestown, PA
Wed. 5pm-6pm 4/3,4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1
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Giving ourselves the space and time to feel our inherent creative energy without restriction or expectation is a profound experience of release, healing and growth. With permission and acceptance we begin to shed our armor and reveal our authentic self. I believe that we are all creative beings with a unique offering just waiting to be set free. Join me on an exploration into the creative realm.

1 hour private lessons $80
1 hour group lessons $45 per person (2-3 students)

Empowerment Series

We will begin with a 20 minute phone consultation to better understand where you are coming from and where you are looking to go. From there I will customize a dynamic program consisting of 5 private 1 hour sessions to accelerate the path toward your goal. These sessions may focus on one particular practice or many (art, yoga, paddleboarding, eco education) depending on your individual needs. This series will leave you feeling empowered, enabling you to move through life with more confidence and ease.

Empowerment Series Cost: $300